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Current Projects - Children & Youth


Building Compassionate Environment 
for the Digital Natives

The project aims at enhancing students’ social emotional competencies...

Changing Life Stories - Claudia Foster mom since 2018.PNG

Project Bridge

The project aims to increase short-term foster placement capacity for children waiting to be adopted...

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Professional Support Advisory Network on Student Suicide Prevention 

The project aims to develop a district-based network...


Social Entrepreneurship Life Education and Career Transformation

The project aims at supporting young people to develop higher motivation job skills…


Game Beyond

The project aims at increasing youth’s awareness on traps of loot box …


Reflective Sketchbook Journal and Individual Support for Juvenile and Youth Offenders

The project aims at providing individual in-depth support to young people in custody…



The project aims at supporting the marginalized young women to overcome their past …


Happy Kids Injury Prevention and Safety

The project aims to increase the protection of preschool children …

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