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How to Apply

The Keswick Foundation’s mission is purposely broad, allowing it to

  • Facilitate long-term and impactful service development and capacity building to address social needs in Hong Kong and Mainland China;

  • Enable innovative, holistic and practical solutions to fill service gaps in the community.

To achieve our goals, we give priorities to funding under-funded services, pilot projects and/ or new services in relation to:

•             Capacity Building for Social Service and Education

•             Children, Youth and Family 

•             Elderly, Special Needs and Vulnerable Groups

•             Response to Crisis Events

Before submitting an application, we strongly encourage you to speak to one of our staff at 25792400 or submit a 3-page concept note to  

The concept note should include:

•             A brief introduction of your organisation and the populations you serve;

•             Description on the project framework and content you seek to fund and the issue you are addressing;

•             A general overview of major service components and activities;

•             A list of expected outputs and outcomes;

•             An itemised budget sheet (with breakdown of each category) with a total requesting amount from the Keswick Foundation.


We also accept applications all year-round.  Please send a completed Funding Application Form and take note of the Guidelines for funding application.

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