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Funding Period

Against Child Abuse


Tuen Mun Centre

Provides services for children and parents with child abuse or child neglect problems.


Rainbow Project: Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Professional services and assistance provided to sexually abused children and their families as well as raising public awareness on child sexual abuse and prevention.


Volunteer Home Visitation Service for New Arrivals with Children Aged 0-5

Created a safe and supportive environment for newly arrived families from the mainland with young children living in Sham Shui Po, Wong Tai Sin and Kwun Tong.


Caritas Hong Kong


‘Project Hyacinth’ – Enrichment Service for Young Mothers

Provided one-stop support services for mothers aged under 24 who have an unplanned pregnancy. Home visits, counselling services, in-home care services and employment services were provided to teach more about parenting and improve independence.


Ebenezer New Hope School

ExIT in the Dark

Developed an innovative fitness training system to improve physical ability and psychological wellbeing of visually impaired students with multiple disabilities.



A Community-based Support Service

Helped graduates transition to adult services, adjust to home life and prevent regression


End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation

Research & Education Programme on Adolescent Peer Sexual Abuse Prevention

Sponsored the research study and educational programmes on peer sexual abuse prevention for senior primary and junior secondary students.



Sexual-Abuse-Prevention Programme for Mentally Handicapped Students

Helped students develop a right attitude towards sex and protect themselves from sexual abuse.


Evangel Children’s Home

BENZ: Bring Exile to the New Zone

Provided a two-year residential service and independent living skills training for young people aged up to 22 from a complicated and traumatic family background or could not live with their families.



Fu He Social Work Service Centre 
(China Project)

Family Relationship Restoration Service Model on Incarcerated Children

There are over one million children in China with parents in prison who have experienced hardships in their young lives.  School dropouts, child labour and child beggars are the common phenomena while parental imprisonment also influences their mental health.  This project provides emotional and social support to these children.



Grwth Foundation Limited

DreamStarter - To Dream, To Love, To Soar!

In-school activities to encourage primary school students to pursue dreams and develop projects that address social needs which the process would also enhance their problem-solving and communication skills.



Henan Normal University
(China Project)

Support Services for Prisoners' Children without Parental Care

Provided social work intervention and psychological support as well as daily care for children of incarcerated parents.



Home Care for Girls

Hostel and Counselling Services for Teenage Girls

Helped HCFG overcome a shortfall in donations during the economic downturn. HCFG offers short-term residential services for teenagers aged 14 to 18 who are unable to live with their families.



Provision of Quality Counselling Services for Teenage Girls living in Hostel

Immediate and comprehensive intervention for the girls through counselling and art/music therapy.


Provision of a Lodging Place for Female Adults Aged 18 to 24

Filled the service gap by providing residential home service for girls who cannot live with their families for a variety of reasons. Counselling services and mutual aid groups prepared for independent living.


Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

CareNet for the Children:  Kindergarten Social Work Service

Pre-schooler development screening and early identification of families in need with tailor-made intervention programmes.



Hong Kong Playground Association

Love. Life. Tree‧Shine Journey: Post Abortion Support Services for Youth

Helped the girls improve their self-image through intensive counselling services and activities.



Huazhong Agricultural University
(China Project)

Left-behind Children in Jian Chun County, Hubei Province

Set up a centre to provide counselling, homework guidance and interpersonal skills training for left-behind children and youth in a rural village.



Jockey Club Cheung Chau Don Bosco Youth Centre


‘Sea Rover’ Project

Counselling and training programmes for youngsters to learn skills in first-aid and boatmanship which would enable them to find jobs in related fields.


Outdoor Challenge & Environmental Conservation

Helped young people with their personal development through outdoor activities, increased their awareness of marine conservation and provided job opportunities to unemployed school drop outs.


KELY Support Group

Cantonese Language Service

Cantonese Translation Services for group meetings, school campaigns, 24 hour crisis intervention and youth counselling services.



Seeing the Possibilities 3 – A Proposal for Ethnic Minority Youth Leadership and Community Participation

Through training in life and employment skills, fashion arts and event management, ethnic minority youth from low-income families with poor academic performance and low self-esteem were facilitated to identify life goals, optimise potential and obtain experience for their future.



Kids4Kids in Action

Encouraged youth volunteers, mainly international school students, to create DIY service projects for the underprivileged and assist children from low-income families in developing healthy reading habits and learning English through storytelling.



Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong

Make-A-Wish Foundation Hong Kong


In 1989 MAWHK (formerly named Wishing Well) was founded with a mission to grant one special wish to children with life-threatening illnesses, and in 1998 it registered as a non-profit charity organisation and affiliated to Make-A-Wish Foundation® International. Over the years, MAWHK has received tremendous support from different sectors of the society.


New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association

iSPARK – Supported Employment Programme for Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Enabled youth with ASD to achieve personal development, cultivate their skills to sustain interpersonal relationships and promote partnership between private and public sectors in supporting social integration.



(China Project)

OneSky Model for Children in Villages – Rural China

Supported a senior social worker to lead the project team to provide community engagement activities for villages as well as develop the OS village service model.



Shandong Youth University of Political Science
(China Project)

School Social Work Programme for Left-behind Children in Rural Areas

Provided emotional support to left-behind children in rural areas to promote their personal development.



The ABM Hong Kong Swatow Baptist Church Community Service Association

Life Enrichment

Provide early intervention services for F. 3 & F. 4 students to reduce their risk of developing mental health problems. 



The Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China

Project P.O.W.E.R.S

Four NGOs training Form 3 and 4 students to recognise suicide warning signs and risk factors; psychological services for at-risk students.



The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

Project Bridge

Provided one-stop employment services for young people aged 15-24 with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) to increase their chances of employment by better understanding their strengths and weaknesses.



Project R

Provided support services for young people between 10-17 who were suspected under investigation by the police in New Territories South Region.


Project iSmarter

Counselling and support for cybercrime victims and offenders; increasing public awareness of online traps and juvenile cybercrimes.


The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong

Blue Bus: Sharing of Love

Helped young people cope with the effects of their parents’ criminal involvement.



The University of Hong Kong

Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention - Mental Health for Youth

Development of an integrated mobile app with assessment tools and games to promote the overall mental-wellbeing of young people aged 12-18.



Department of Social Work and Social Administration -Promotion of Empathy and Pro-social Behaviour among P.2 and P.3 Children

Development of a school-based curriculum on humane education and social-emotional learning to nurture children’s empathy, respect and kindness.


Department of Social Work and Social Administration - Pilot Project on Developing a District-based Professional Support Advisory Network for Student Suicide Prevention

A district-based network to provide training and consultation for teachers and social workers working with moderate-risk youth.


Theodora Foundation

Clown Doctor

Brought fun and laughter to children in hospital and helped them cope with the stress of their treatment through weekly visits.



Yao De Youth Social Work Service Centre 
(China Project)

Support Services for Youth Offenders and Their Families

Poor family relationships are easily found between youth offenders and their families.  This project provides a series of support services on reconstructing their relationships and prevention of reoffending.



Youth Outreach

A Refuge for Runaway Boys

Residential and counselling services for teenage boys who could not live with their family and had run away from home. The aim was to help the boys to return home eventually.



Transitional Housing for Working Youth in Hong Kong

Residential services for working youth aged between 15 and 19 who could not live at home.


Adventure-based Counselling Centre

Marginalised youth learned to behave more responsibly through the Adventure-Based Counselling programme.


Youth Inspire Youth

Vocational training and job opportunities for marginalised youth. The Keswick Foundation also sponsored the salaries of ten Youth Work Assistants for three years.


AS Production and All-night Outreaching Team

Reached out to marginalised youth who hang out on the streets at night and offered them an opportunity to practise stage management skills by organising different kinds of performances which the young people helped to produce.


Flourishing: Positive Mental Health Programme for Youth

Timely school- and centre-based counselling for students at risk of suicide.


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