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KF Recognition Award


For 40 years, the Keswick Foundation (KF) has funded many worthwhile and life-changing charitable projects in Hong Kong. In order to highlight the outstanding work of the partnered organisation, an annual award, The Keswick Foundation Recognition Award was introduced in 2018 to recognise the top performance of a completed project. 

The purpose of this Award is to raise the profile of the particular organisation, its project and the team involved, as well as to encourage organisations to develop their capactiy building skills in the Hong Kong community. The receipient organisation receives a cash award as well as additional funding to produce a video to introduce its project to a wider audience. 

In choosing the award winner, KF looks at quality of work, quantity of work, project management, and communication, as well as project budgeting and sustainability. 

The previous award winners are as follows.

Winner of 2021:


Christian Family Service Centre
- Fit Solution - Community Transitional Day Rehabilitation Programme

•    Provide transitional daycare services and high intensity rehabilitation training to improve stroke 

      patients' recovery and defer the institutional care

Winner of 2020:


Ebenezer New Hope School
- ExIT in the Dark

•    Design a new fitness system and physiotherapy training programmes to improve physical and psychological well-being of visually impaired students with multiple disabilities. 

Winner of 2019:


The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong
- Blue Bus: Sharing of Love

•    Provide intensive counselling, mentorship, workshops and prison-visit support for children and of parents in prison. 

Winner of 2018:

Evangel Children's Home
- Project BENZ: Bring Exile to the New Zone

•    Offer accommodation, counselling services and career guidance for youths who aged out from the 

      residential care home. 

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