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Communication App 3.0

Hong Chi Association - Communication App 3.0

The Communication App 3.0 is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Support to children with speech and language disabilities. The project aims at enhancing the expressive ability of the non-verbal and autistic students through enhancing the App with new features such as Jyutping.

Hong Chi Association

匡智會 - 溝通易3.0

溝通易3.0是一個支援有言語和溝通障礙學童的輔助及另類溝通(AAC)工具,此項目讓該應用程式得以 更新,並增設粵語拼音等新功能,以協助嚴重智障或身體 殘障人士更自主地表達心中所想,與外界溝通。

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