CSS – Residential Care Homes


Keswick Foundation (KF) found that in residential setting the number of children and youth with special educational needs, mental health and complicated family issues has been rising but young residents are unable to receive intensive counselling services due to inadequate manpower.  

In 2016, KF set up the Counselling Services Scheme (CSS) to provide timely support and prove the importance of the role of counsellor in residential care services.  In 2019, the second phase has been launched.  The Centre on Behavioural Health, the University of Hong Kong, continues to conduct clinical supervision for the four counsellors and evidence-based research.  Other new elements include additional support for users of CSS to received outsourced therapies and private SEN assessments along with counselling on a needed basis.  Training and a field trip will also be organised for frontline staff of the four funded NGOs.

CSS has funded the following NGOs to employ a counsellor:

  • Evangel Children’s Home

  • Home Care for Girls