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Sponsored Agencies



Funding Period

Amity Mutual-Support Society

Tin Shui Wai Neighbourbood Networking Project


Covered home visits, a range of group activities for the mentally-ill patients, and community education programmes to promote a positive attitude towards mental illnesses and improve early detection and treatment.



Enjoy Life with Art – Workshop for Elderly Patients in Hospital

Organised arts workshops for elderly patients at public hospitals to enhance their self-esteem, creativity and interpersonal skills.



Art Programmes in Public Hospitals

Helped Art-In-Hospital to improve the hospital environment and provide the public with a chance to appreciate visual art outside museums.


Association for Engineering and Medical Volunteer Services


Electronic Communication for the Disabled

Provided opportunities for disabled people to use computers for communication and to help them look for a job.


Technical Aids Service to the Disabled

Created technical aids to help disabled people to live independently and improve their quality of life.


Beijing An Ding Hospital
(China Project)

Family Support for Schizophrenics

Promoted family support as the basis of treatment and rehabilitation for people with schizophrenia.



Centre for Community Care
(China Project)

Preventive Education and Community Rehabilitation for Pneumoconiosis Patients in Rural China

A community-based rehabilitation project to help pneumoconiosis patients in the rural areas to establish support networks and promote occupational health and safety education among coal miners in Hunan Province.



Community-based Rehabilitation for Victims of Silicosis, in Hunan and Chongqing, China

Funded the creation and development of a community-based rehabilitation model. The centre organised health and safety education programmes for miners, formed mutual support groups and provided in-hospital caring services in collaboration with local universities.


Changsha Social Work College Research Institute 
(China Project)

Integrated Services for Mentally Ill Patients’ Families

Hunan province has a high rate of mentally ill patients in China while most of the ex-mentally ill patients are living in the community.  These families face many problems, including insufficient caring skills, financial burden and stigmatisation.  This project provides support services to improve their resilience as well as promoting social inclusion for mentally ill patients.



Ebenezer New Hope School

ExIT in the Dark

Developed an innovative fitness training system to improve physical ability and psychological wellbeing of visually impaired students with multiple disabilities.



Enlighten Hong Kong — Action for Epilepsy

Support Programmes for Epilepsy

Enlighten offers support services to anyone directly or indirectly affected by epilepsy, including employment counselling, legal advice and a hotline. Keswick Foundation funding helped Enlighten to continue the service.



Fu Hong Society

Development Centre for Persons with Autism

Helped to support various services and training programmes for adolescents and adults with autism to improve their quality of life and support their families.



Temporary Residential Care Service

Helped to support temporary residential care for the mentally handicapped offering training at all levels, including graduates from special schools.


Heep Hong Society

Development of a New Training Package for Autistic Children

Validated and modified the training package TEACCH for autistic children in Hong Kong and South-east Asia.


Supporting Services for Autistic Children

Sponsored the programme expenses and staff salaries of the support services.



Special Project for Children Suffering from Autistic Disability

Funded the development of a training package TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication handicapped Children) for autistic children.


Parents Resource Centre

Helped to fund the centre for parents and families of handicapped children.


Hong Chi Association

Personal Guidance and Development Scheme for Mentally Handicapped Adults

Funded the staff salaries, administration and programme expenses.



Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association

Community Education and Programme Development Project

Helped the Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association to change the attitude of parents and the community towards Down Syndrome through training programmes and support services.



Establishment of a Parent Support Network for families with a Down Syndrome Child

Provided information and support to help parents affirm their role in the child’s development.


Hong Kong Joint Council of Parents of the Mentally Handicapped

Trailwalker Community Education Centre

This was the first education centre operated by a parent self help group. The centre provides services for parents of the mentally handicapped and promotes public education and awareness.



Mental Handicap Network China
(China Project)

Employment of Director

Funded the Director to provide training for professionals and parents who look after mentally handicapped children at the Guangdong Maternity and Children's Hospital.


Mental Health Association of Hong Kong


Provision of After Care Services for patients discharged from Psychiatric Halfway Houses

Public hospitals were over stretched and mentally-ill people were not getting adequate basic care and attention. This project helped to fill the gap.



Methodist Centre

Speech Up

Adopting a new hybrid model, combining face-to-face assessment and tele-rehabilitation sessions, to address speech problems of Parkinson’s patients and support their family carers.

2020- 2022

Peking University & Shaanxi Qin Huai Social Work Service Centre 
(China Project)

A Family-based Community Rehabilitation Service Model for Disabled People in Rural China

In rural China, the disabled are living in poverty, lack proper rehabilitation services and have an inadequate social support network.  This project aims to develop a family-based community rehabilitation service model to enhance community inclusion and establish a mutual support network.



PMA Music Foundation

Music Angel Programme: Rhythmers in the Making

Enabling students with autism and special educational needs to develop social skills and new hobbies through music activities; training music teachers to provide a supportive learning environment for such students.



Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong

Mental Health Review Advisory Services

Supported the agency to provide mental health review advisory services to mentally-ill patients and their relatives.


richmond-hk-logo (2).png

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
(China Project)

Integrate Hospital-Community Rehabilitation In Mainland China: Model Building and Clinical Education

This project promoted a seamless transition of rehabilitation service from hospital to community in order to help disabled people live independently as well as improving the rehabilitation education in China.



Society for AIDS Care

Home Care Nurse

Supported the Society to establish a Home Care Nursing Team for AIDS patients.



Xiamen University
(China Project)

Integrated Community Services for Mental Health Patients

Set up a social support network for patients and their families to strengthen their abilities and developed a community mental health service model.


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