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Sponsored Agencies



Funding Period

Asian Outreach Hong Kong

To Support the Operation of a Self-Financed Family Service Centre

This Ho Man Tin based centre aimed to improve relationships among families living and to strengthen the support network in the community through a variety of activities.



Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service

Hot Meal Service: Kiddy Heart Canteens

Four hot meal canteens were set up to provide reduced price dinners for low income families. The canteens also served as a ‘hub’ to engage relevant service providers to organise activities for these families.



Caritas Hong Kong

Intensive Counselling Project on Financial Difficulties

One-stop crisis intervention and counselling services were offered to help debtors solve their emotional and family problems.


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Changchun University of Science and Technology
(China Project)

Integrated Family Service Centre — Building a Mutual Support Network for Autistic Children’s Families

Provided in-home volunteer support services to autistic children and helped the families establish a mutual support network.



China Youth University of Political Studies
(China Project) 

Intervention and Development Plan for Low-income Families

This project aims to nurture youth positive behaviour development and improve parent-child relationships through mentoring, counselling, adventure-based programmes and parent-child groups.  Its ultimate goal is to develop a suitable intervention model for children and youth. 



Christian Fellowship of Pastoral Care for Youth

The Companion Scheme – Providing Care for Prison Inmates and Their Family Members

Successfully rehabilitated offenders and their families provided assistance to and shared experiences with those still in prison and their families.



Parent Empowerment Scheme

Funded this project to enhance the self-esteem and self-confidence of older adults and encourage them to continue contributing to society through online learning, a job matching service and volunteer services.


Guangzhou Yang Ai Special Children Parent Club
(China Project)

A Pilot Project Supporting Ageing Families with Special Needs

Developed a service model to support “double ageing families” with unique and complex needs in Guangzhou, so that parents can have better support with daily care of their children and families, and for them to prepare for their children’s future care. 


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Guizhou University
(China Project)

Social Work Service for Haemophilia Patients & Families

This project aimed to strengthen patients’ capacity by providing them psychological support and building a strong mutual support system.



Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

Drop-in Centre for Single Parents

Funded the creation of a centre to address the needs of single-parent families.



Hong Kong Single Parents Association

Single Fathers Support Network

Funded the strengthening of the support network among single fathers.



Prevention of Child Abuse and Violence in Single Parents

Funded the provision of support services for single-parent families so as to prevent child abuse and family violence.


Activity Centre for Single Parents

Funded the establishment of a support network among single-parent families. Training in handling family issues was also provided.


Hong Kong Unison

Support Services to the Ethnic Minority in Hong Kong

Due to the global economic downturn in 2009, KF committed to a two year funding programme to support part of the recurrent expenses of the agency including staff salaries and administrative expenses.



Jardine Ambassador

Carnival – ‘City of Happy Families’

Provided funding support for the carnival.


Jinjiang Aoxiang Social Work Service Centre 
(China Project)

‘Playback Theatre’ – to Strengthen Parent-child Relationships

This project aimed to foster mutual understanding and communication of these families through organising interactive drama performances.



Project Space Limited

Mentor and Apprentice Concentric Home Improvement Project

To improve the harsh living environment of underprivileged families and enable young people to develop transferable vocational skills through a mentorship programme in interior decoration.  Career guidance is also provided for young mentees.



Shandong Women’s University 
(China Project)

Family-based Village-to-residential Child Development Project

Family malfunction and insufficient support are easily found in this community.  This project focuses on the importance of good family functioning towards child development.  Parents, children and community members are the service targets.




No Barrier in Parenting – Support Services for Hearing Impaired Parents and their Children

Funded support services including workshops, talks, sign language interpretation services, social and recreational activities. A group of trained volunteers also made daily home visits to provide further support.



The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong

Developing Sustainable Services for Families with LGBT youths

Counselling, group programmes and online information for parents of LGBT youth and training for teachers and social workers.



Yang Memorial Methodist
Social Service 

Promoting Children & Family Well-being for Families with 0–6 Years Old Children Living in Subdivided Flats in Yau Tsim Mong District

Early outreach and support for needy families through Maternal and Child Health Centres and kindergartens.



Yunnan University
(China Project)


Rural Social Work Practicum for MA Social Work Trainers in Yunnan

Funded the building of a rural social work practicum for the MA Social Work Educators for them and their pupils to gain practical experience.


Asset-Based Community Building of Migrant-Local Community

This project adopts the asset-based community building model to promote social inclusion and enhance the sense of belonging among rural migrants and local residents at an urban-rural interface community in the northwest of Kunming Province. 


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