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Sponsored Agencies



Funding Period

Weekly Occupational Therapy Services

Offering weekly physiotherapy services for the English speaking senior care-home residents to improve their cognitive and physical abilities. 


China Coast Community


Weekly Physiotherapy Services

The project offers physiotherapy services five half days a week for the English speaking senior residents of the care and attention home in order to maintain their mobility and healthy living.


Chongqing Normal University
(China Project)

Social Work Intervention on the Bereaved Elderly

The project developed a community support network for bereaved elderly who had lost their only child.



Christian Family Service Centre

Fit Solution - Community Transitional Day Rehabilitation Programme

Transitional daycare services and high-intensity rehabilitation training to improve stroke patients’ recovery and defer institutional services



Mind-Lock Memory and Cognitive Training Centre

Funded the creation of a new space for centre-based and in-home training programmes for elderly people with mild cognitive impairment or early dementia. Support services were also provided for caregivers to relieve their stress. The centre is self-sustainable and running independently.


Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Disease Association

Community Services for Dementia Care

Due to the economic crisis in 2009, another round of three year funding was committed to cover the operational expenses of two day care centres in Wang Tau Hom and Wanchai.



Establishment of a Permanent Office cum Service Centre

Funded the creation of a permanent centre to provide respite and home-care support, including a hotline service, counselling, support groups and training programmes for people with Alzheimer’s.


Hong Kong Federation of the Blind

Home Safety Care Scheme for the Isolated Elderly with Visual Impairment

Provided funding for volunteers with the Hong Kong Federation of the Blind to carry out home safety checks and basic household maintenance for the blind elderly living alone.



Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Institute of Active Ageing

The Association of the Third Age

Funded this project to enhance the self-esteem and self-confidence of older adults and encourage them to continue contributing to society through online learning, a job matching service and volunteer services.



The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Stair Climbing Service

To link up with NGOs and provide an innovative and safe stair climbing service for elderly with limited mobility in Sham Shui Po district. 



The S.K.H. Holy Carpenter Church District Elderly Community Centre

Perfect Terminal

Funded Life and Death Education services for the elderly living in private residential care homes (PRCHs) and intergeneration communication training for caregivers, staff of PRCHs and volunteers.



The University of Hong Kong, Centre on Behavioural Health

From Depression to Expression: Arts Intervention in Helping Community-dwelling Depressed Elderly

Art-based intervention to help elders with depression and to promote geriatric mental health in the community.


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