China Social Work Project Fund


Keswick Foundation (KF) has been supporting the development of social work education in mainland China for over 20 years.  The Master of Social Work (China) Programme, guided by professors from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with support from Peking University, trained over 250 social work educators scattering in different parts of China.  Many graduates later became leaders in training the younger generation, introducing them with social work theories and concepts to approach causes of social problems, subsequently, building contextualised social work service models. 


To date, social work has become one of popular courses across universities. While these social work educators continue to be the pioneer in practice teaching, practice research and practicum training in cities and rural areas, their practice experiences remain wanting.  

Therefore, in 2014, KF set up the China Social Work Project Fund to provide capacity building for social work educators.  Over the years, 18 social service projects have been conceived in collaboration with local universities and social service agencies.   They supported various vulnerable groups across 16 provinces and cities.  Teaching curriculum, new social service agencies, young social workers and educators have been nurtured through the projects.  

Phase III has begun in 2021, with 8 new projects selected in different parts of China.  More information to come.  

Phase II (2016 -2020)

Minzu University of China
— Capacity Building of the ‘Eco Migrant Families’ in Xilingol League


Inner Mongolia University
— Family-based Mutual Support Network for Endemic Disease Prevention in Pastoral Areas

Shihezi University
— Support Services for Poor Kazak Families Under Resettlement Policy

China Youth University of Political Studies
— Intervention and Development Plan for Low-income Families

Shandong Women’s University
— Family-based Village-to-residential Child Development Project


Yao De Youth Social Work Service Centre
— Support Services for Youth Offenders and Their Families


Changsha Social Work College Research Institute
— Integrated Services for Mentally Ill Patients’ Families


Jinjiang Aoxiang Social Work Service Centre
— ‘Playback Theatre’ – to Strengthen Parent-child Relationships

Fu He Social Work Service Centre
— Family Relationship Restoration Service Model on Incarcerated Children

Peking University & Shaanxi Qin Huai Social Work Service Centre
— A Family-based Community Rehabilitation Service Model for Disabled People in Rural China



Phase I (2014 – 2017)

Changchun University of Science and Technology
— Integrated Family Service Centre — Building a Mutual Support Network for Autistic Children’s Families


Chongqing Normal University
— Social Work Intervention on the Bereaved Elderly


Guizhou University
— Social Work Service for Haemophilia Patients & Families


Henan Normal University
— Support Services for Prisoners' Children without Parental Care

Huazhong Agricultural University
— Left-behind Children in Jian Chun County, Hubei Province

Shandong Youth University of Political Science
— School Social Work Programme for Left-behind Children in Rural Areas


Xiamen University
— Integrated Community Services for Mental Health Patients

Yunnan University
— Community-Based Ethnic & Rural Social Work Intervention Service