China Association of Social Work Education (CASWE)

CASWE is a non-profit organisation in Mainland China. Its aim is to promote social work education and the professional practice of social work. Members of CASWE are universities with a Social Work Department.

The Keswick Foundation has funded two 5-year plans of CASWE. The first 5-year plan (2001 – 2006) aimed at promoting public recognition of social work as a profession in Mainland China. Various programmes were organised, such as conferences, seminars, training programmes, study tours and compilation of teaching materials. This project helped raise the profile of social work education and its academic status since many social work trainers involved in training programmes at the time were not formally trained. The second 5-year plan commenced in 2007 to build on the success of the first one, with setting up of an evaluation system for social work programmes, establishing linkages between education and front-line practice and reinforcing the professional development of social work in China.

In addition, Mainland social work students are provided assistance under the Sir John Keswick Award for participating in exchange programmes in Hong Kong.