The 30th Anniversary of the Keswick Foundation

The book launch venue.
The Keswick Foundation's 30th anniversary book Friendship First: The Keswick Foundation 1979 – 2009.
From left: Siu-hing Tam, Fanny Wong, Jessie Yu, and Teresa Tsien.
Nelson Chow (left) chats with Clara Weatherall.
From left: Sister Helen Kenny, Dr Pamela Leung, Rosie Young, and Eleanor Ling.
From left: Clara Weatherall, Ann Marden and Eleanor Ling.
Matthew Cheung (left) and Eleanor Ling.
From left: Anthony Wu, Sister Helen Kenny and Kam-fan Kwan.
From left: Clara Courtauld, Kam-fan Kwan, Dominic Wong, William Courtauld, Caroline Courtauld, George Ngan, and Jeremy Tredinnick.
From left: Pauline Sung, Clara Weatherall and Ben Ku.
William Chang, Aldous Kwan, Gillian Lo, and Kathryn Greenberg.
Eleanor Ling (left) and Christine Fang.
From left: Dr Pamela Leung, Ronald Lu, and Josephine Shaw.
Mrs Ling introduces the 30th anniversary book.
Clara Weatherall reviews the history/work of the Keswick Foundation.
Caroline Courtauld, managing editor of the book, speaks on its production.
From left: Eleanor Ling, Dr C H Leong and Lily Jencks.
From left: Cosimo Jencks, James Robinson and David Lamb.
The Friendship First production team, from left: Suk-woon Li, George Ngan, Jeremy Tredinnick, Peggy Tong, and Fanny Wong.
From left: Thomas Ling, Josephine Shaw, Annabella Lee, Eleanor Ling, and Ronald Lu.
From left: Eliza Ip, Ben Ku, Rhoda Yuen, and Pauline Sung.
Philip Lo (left) and Caroline Courtauld.
From left: Dr Stewart Tung, Siu-lan Lee, Dr Lilian Leong, C H Leong, Dr Albert Lo, and Jennie Lo.
From left: Dr Lilian Leong, Dr C H Leong, Clara Weatherall, and Eleanor Ling.
From left: Siu-lan Lee, Eleanor Ling, Caroline Courtauld, Clara Weatherall, Dr Albert Lo, Jennie Lo, Dr Stewart Tung, and Father Peter Newbery.
Members and staff of the Keswick Foundation.
The Keswick Foundation staff and Make-A-Wish Foundation Hong Kong volunteers to help out.